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Chef Charlotte Burch has revolutionized the flavours of cupcakes in Jacksonville Florida, by letting our customers experience  flavour combinations that have no limits. Utilizing spices and your favorite fruits. We offer natural flavors from all over the world and want you to have the opportunity to create a flavour for your special event give us a call and we can try it out! When you think of sweets and deserts for wedding catering or event catering services you think of Cup Cake 50 etc. in Jacksonville.

Standard Size

Jumbo Cupcake

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Our Grande Gourmet cupcake is a  delicious blend of creative flavours ranging from fruits to candy. We select premium ingredients to enhance the taste of each one.

Grande Gourmet


There is always room for a cupcake. Some times the smaller size can add to the fun of haveing more than one flavor option for desert.


Our Jumbo Gourmet cupcake is a  mouth watering mix of familiar flavours ranging from fruits to candy. When available possible we utilize local farm fresh fruits.

7up Pound Cake
Chocolate Fudge
Carrot Cake
Humming Bird
Orange Dream
Red Velvet
Chocolate Delight
Cherry Vanilla
Blue Velvet
Chocolate Raspberry
Cookies and Cream
Triple Chocolate
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Coconut Cream
S'mores Cupcake
Strawberry Banana
Banana Nut
Chocolate and Vanilla
Caramel Crunch
Cotton Candy
Brownie Cake
Birthday Cake
Strawberry whopper
Yellow Cake
Chocolate Toffee

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